Game Credits
Dragon Age 2—Electronic Arts/Bioware (2011)
Main Theme (Vocals)
Rogue Heart (Lyrics, Vocals)
Destiny Of Love (Lyrics, Vocals)
Mage Pride (Co-Writer Music & Lyrics, Vocals)

Rift: Planes of Telara—Trion Worlds (2011)
Guardian Theme (Vocals)

Alice In Wonderland—Disney Interactive (2010)
Main Theme "Alice's Theme" (Vocals)

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game (DS)—Ubisoft (2009)
Battle Themes (Vocals)

DA: Origins – DLC, Return To Ostegar & Awakening—EA (2010)
"Leliana's Song" (Co-Writer Music & Lyrics, Vocals)
Additionaly Themes (Vocals)

Dragon Age: Origins—Electronic Arts/Bioware (2009)
Main Theme "Dragon Age Origins" (Lyrics, Vocals)
"I Am The One" (Co-Writer Music & Lyrics, Vocals)
"Lelianna's Song" (Co-writer Music & Lyrics, Vocals)
"Love Song" (Lyrics, Vocals)

Devil May Cry 4—Capcom (2008)
Main Theme "Out Of Darkness" (Lyrics & Vocals)

Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II—EA (2006)
Two Cinematic Themes (Vocals)

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition—Capcom (2007)
Two cinematic Battle Themes (Vocals)

I Am Alive—Ubisoft (TBA)
Main Theme (Vocals)

Dawn of War: Soulstorm—THQ (2008)
In-game (Vocals)

Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny—Namco Bandai (2009)
Main Theme (Vocals)


Awards & Features
2011 G.A.N.G Award Nominee—Best Original Vocal—Choral
Alice In Wonderland's Theme "Alice's Theme"

2010 Game Developers Choice Award Nominee—Best Audio
Dragon Age: Origins

2010 G.A.N.G Award Nominee—Music of the Year, Best Original Soundtrack & Best Original Vocal—Pop
Dragon Age: Origins, "I Am The One" & "Lelianna's Song"

2009 Hollywood Music in Media Award Winner—Best Original Song in a Game
Dragon Age: Origins, "I Am The One"

2009 Guest Performer—"A Night In Fantasia" Sydney Entertainment Center
Sydney, Australia

2009 G.A.N.G Award Nominee—Best Original Vocal, Pop
Devil May Cry 4, "Out Of Darkness"

2007 G.A.N.G Award Nominee—Best Original Vocal—Choral
Lord of the Rings: Battle For Middle Earth II, "Elven Morning"


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